NIM7 Tribunal Members can now receive a Refer Family & Friends discount! NIM7 Tribunal Members can now receive a Refer Family & Friends discount!

Primary Class Packages

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All Class Packages (excluding Month-to-Month) expire within 30 days of purchase. The Monthly Memberships host unlimited classes to attend. Check our Schedule for a variety of classes to choose from with the purchase of your Class Passes for attending. This class currently includes:

  • All Flow: This class has the feel of the classical style of yoga we all love. Just some warrior series' with some chaturanga. An easy access to all levels. We encourage anyone, at any level, to come if they're just simply craving some good ole' yoga. 
  • FitFlow: Energize your body in a cross-breed experience between classic circuit training and yoga vinyasa; conditioning your body as much as you are improving flexibility. I know what some of you are thinking! "Is this class too intense for me? Seems like a bit much." Not to worry, it is a top priority to ensure everyone feels included. Nim7 meets you where you are, allowing for a fulfilling experience at any level. Come try it out!
  • Fundamentals: 
    Trying to figure out how chaturanga is done or align yourself into a warrior II? This is the class for you. Here we go into an easy all-flow to get warm. Once ready we break down a fundamental pose, emphasizing an environment of open conversation between your service leaders and yourself. It is strongly encouraged to ask many questions and loosen the structure up to allow for a free form learning process. Best if yoga or general movement is a new thing! But make no mistake, fundamentals are sometimes skipped as we progress. As such, a seasoned mover will benefit just as much. Come give it try!
  • Oppositional Training:
    Rounded shoulders, stiff neck, stiff lower back, tight hips; the list goes on. Biggest issue? We sit down often and don't rotate. This class is all about balancing out our left to right sides and front to back aspects of our bodies. Here we focus on shoulder, spine, and hip alignment. Great class for those who want to keep their body structurally balanced and stable.
  • Power-Up: Much like the all flow class except the focus is to heat up the body, challenge our edge, and move with our breath. Little more intense - just a little. Don't worry, you got this! And we got you! We will flow, we will sweat, and we will grow. Let's power up!
  • Rejuvenate: Such a relaxing class with the right mix of ebbs and flows. This class is all about healing those achy joints, easing the body into deeper poses, and calming the nervous system. Rejuvenate. Come. Let's get "zenned".